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Start an educational program

Start an educational program

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·Aug 27, 2021·

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The desire to learn is innate. Young children keep asking questions, wondering about all subjects and what surrounds them.

But this desire to learn fades over time. On the one hand, the school emphasizes obtaining good grades and on the other hand, in companies, employees run after time to fulfill various objectives.

Society puts forward the tangible (result) and abandons the abstract (desire to learn, intellectual and emotional reward, etc.).

However, the journey is as important as the long-term goal itself.

Invest in yourself

The most important investment is to invest in yourself.

Learning new things is rewarding. Being in the test, getting out of your comfort zone is necessary to rise.

Getting out of your comfort zone and learning also means expanding your comfort zone.

Gain knowledge and skills that will have both immediate and future benefits. Learn something that makes you happy, that you enjoy reading and that will also help you in your personal and professional development.


Ritualize this program by reserving regular time slots for your own learning.

Personal development

For your personal development, you can keep a gratitude journal, for example. By doing this, you will introspect yourself, get to know yourself and it will help you to evolve positively in your life.

You can also make a table of the activities you do by writing down the pleasure it brings you immediately, what it brings you in the long term, how much time you spend there and whether you want to spend more or less time.

For example, I know that watching TV 10 hours a week may give me a bit of relaxation and fun at the moment, but in the long run, it doesn't do much for me.

Also, spending time with my family is something I would like to do more often.

Professional development

  • Find a mentor. Someone who inspires confidence, helps you accomplish your goals, and advises you on how to most effectively achieve your goals. A mentor will help you grow professionally.

Read all about the latest news that has to do with your job. This will make you discover new things and strengthen your skills.


Reserve regular time slots for your own learning.

Keep learning things that give you pleasure and sense. Expand your comfort zone.

The important thing is not only to succeed in achieving your goals but above all to enjoy your journey.

I hope you found something interesting here. Do not hesitate to give me feedback. You can find me on Twitter at louisduboscq.

I like to talk about positive things, optismism and motivation.

Stay tuned :)

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