Bounced back from a disappointment

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Bounced back from a disappointment

I launched a side project recently and my current mission is to make my project known to more people.

In other words i'm at the customer acquisition stage.

I posted on Facebook groups but I got banned 3 out of 4 times because "I was advertising and it's not allowed here".

I was a bit confused because I saw that my app was genuinely helping facebook groups. But the admins didn't care.

I changed my way of approaching these groups where my audience is.

Now I am creating useful little resources related to this area with links to my project and the newsletter.

Instead of giving the link to my app, I give the link to the resource.

I don't get banned anymore and people comment “wow amazing", "great idea”, “thanks for sharing”, etc.


  • Always finds a way to bounce back and does not remain disappointed in case of failure.
  • Give, give and give again so that you can ask back.
  • Being an entrepreneur is above all about finding solutions, and these are not necessarily technical.

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